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Acoustic Doors & Windows – Doctor Mix Factory Tour & Installation

Factory tour with director


Claudio’s adventure starts here in his YouTube episodes in which he will catalog the full build process from empty shell to go-live.  Almost half a million channel subscribers are enthralled with Claudio’s honest and real insights into the world of music production and studios.


We can now find out how the project progresses and what’s in store for Claudio on his journey to complete his dream music studio….



In the new episode, we see Claudio and friends join with the IAC Acoustics team to see his new Rw50dB Acoustic Fire Doors in manufacture, along with his matching acoustic windows.  Once complete they head off to the studio to be installed – the dream nears completion!


You can view an extended factory tour of the IAC Acoustics office & factory here for more insight into the production process from Managing Director, Mike Campbell.  If you want to catch up on the project – in the  first episode, the IAC team of Paul & Scott met with Claudio to view and discuss acoustic product solutions for the new Doctor Mix studio.  In the second episode, Paul invites Claudio to come and witness a fire test of an IAC Acoustic double doorset to EN 1634 European Fire Standards. Join the team at Cambridge Fire Research to witness it yourself.


If you would like to talk more about your studio or acoustic doors then please give me a call, ciao to the next episode!


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