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IAC Acoustics has designed and built modular studios, control/editing rooms and Voice-Over booths for many of the world’s leading broadcast, post-production and sound recording organisations, often to very demanding technical standards and very tight timescales. Whether you require a simple, standard off-the-shelf acoustic booth for Voice-Over work, an Outside Broadcast solution, or a 5000ft2 TV production studio, IAC Acoustics has the product range, expertise and experience to provide the perfect design and engineered solution.


Studio Design

High performance audio and visual studios require a complex and comprehensive range of design features and considerations in order to deliver the required background noise levels for professional use.  Consultation and acoustic engineering  design input should be at the forefront of any studio facility planning process.  IAC Acoustics is able to support your project development with in-house professional design and engineering services to ensure your background noise level and reverberation specifications are guaranteed to be met.  By bringing together all potential elements of the build – isolation, structure, ventilation, access – IAC Acoustics can provide you with a single source packaged solution for full acoustic responsibility;


  • Guaranteed Acoustic Performance
  • Full Project Management Service
  • Comprehensive product range, from small, standard Voice-Over booths to large, custom-designed TV production studios
  • Rapid, clean installation with the option to dismantle and re-locate structures at a later date
  • Over 40 years experience in broadcast and audio studio design
  • BS EN ISO 9001 quality registered


IAC Acoustics manufacturers a wide range of acoustic components which can be purchased individually or used as a packaged system to complete a full studio acoustic build. These include Noise-Lock® acoustic doors and acoustic windows, Moduline® floating floors, Varitone® and Absorbatone™ sound absorptive wall panels and Quiet-Duct® air conditioning silencers.

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Voice Over Booths

IAC Acoustics manufacturers a range of six Voice-Over booths – in three basic shapes – all of which combine the benefits of modular construction with added convenience and affordability. The booths have either single or double wall construction with a number of design options and configurations providing a range of acoustic performance levels between NIC45 and NIC70.

IAC Acoustics studios are constructed using a proven system of acoustically-rated modular components which combine to create complete structures of outstanding acoustic quality. Walls, floors and ceilings are assembled from prefabricated 100mm thick acoustic panels, into which high-performance Noise-Lock® acoustic doors and acoustic windows can be incorporated in almost any configuration. The finishing of IAC Acoustic studios is equally flexible; air conditioning, lighting, electric, wall/floor coverings and a host of other accessories give each studio an attractive and highly individual appearance. 

Modular components can be assembled to create structures of virtually any size and shape.

Complete IAC Acoustic studio structures can be erected much faster than conventionally built ones, and with minimal mess/disruption.

All IAC Acoustic products and components are laboratory tested, allowing the acoustic characteristics of a complete structure to be determined at the design stage.

One of the most appealing features of IAC Acoustic modular studios is that they can be dismantled, adapted, reconfigured and re-assembled, at any stage – with relative ease, low cost and no loss in acoustic performance.

IAC Acoustics undertakes the complete design, manufacture and installation of studio structures, including all electrical and mechanical systems (such as air conditioning) and interior decoration. This turnkey service is both efficient and economical, providing finished facilities fit for immediate occupation.

Absorbatone™ Fabric Absorption Panels

IAC Absorbatone™ is a range of fabric covered acoustic panels specifically designed to reduce and control reverberation time.  Once fitted, Absorbatone™ panels create a pleasant acoustically enhanced environment and can greatly improve speech intelligibility.

Absorbatone™ panels are wrapped using acoustically transparent, highly durable fabrics which compliment the excellent sound absorbing properties of the panel core. A choice of colours ensures that Absorbatone™ panels can either be a colourful feature or discreetly blend into the background depending on the application and customer requirements.

The panels are designed to be directly fixed to flat surfaces (walls/ceilings) with either high tack adhesive or mechanically, depending on the make up of the host room structure.

IAC Acoustics acoustic perfomance chart

Fire Performance

The Absorbatone™ panel core has been tested and offers Class O fire rating to BS476 : Part 6. Fabric facing complies with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7. Class O fabrics can be supplied on request.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Panels should not be cleaned with water / detergents as this can stain the fabric finish. Stains can be treated with a non-solvent based cleaning solution, however care must be taken to not damage the panels and a test on a non-visible area is advised where possible.

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