Hemi Anechoic Chamber

IAC Acoustics hemi anechoic chamber wedges

IAC Acoustics has installed hundreds of hemi-anechoic facilities to universities, research laboratories and test houses. Our range of single and double wall construction rooms allow for high precision measurements to be carried out in a hemi-anechoic environment.


Typical uses include testing microphones, hearing protection devices and hi-fi equipment. The hard reflective floor is typically used when larger or heavier items are tested where a full anechoic facility would be impractical, or when the normal mode of operation is over a reflective plane such as a floor or hard road surface.


High precision hemi-anechoic chambers from IAC Acoustics offer the same build specification as our range of fully anechoic chambers, except with a hard, isolated floating floor, rather than one lined with anechoic wedges.

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