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HVAC Attenuators

IAC Acoustics rectangular and cylindrical duct attenuators provide effective, predictable noise reduction at substantial savings over other noise reduction methods because IAC products are laboratory-developed and tested under controlled conditions. Moreover, we manufacture duct silencers to specific metal tolerances and with controlled acoustic infill flow resistances to achieve consistent results.

Should none of our standard range of silencers meet your requirements we will develop one for you. If you have a special requirement, please contact us and our specialist team will be able to provide you with a bespoke solution.


Quiet-Duct™ Rectangular Attenuators

Quiet-Duct® Rectangular Attenuators are suitable for conventional applications including low-frequency attenuators having acoustic performance specifically engineered for the 63 Hz, 125 Hz and 250 Hz octave bands.

Clean-Flow™ Rectangular Attenuators

Clean-Flow™ Rectangular Attenuators are ideal for systems requiring a higher degree of cleanliness and hygiene such as hospitals or clean room applications. Linings on the fill material guard against erosion of particulate matter into the airstream. Specific internal construction features protect the lining against chaffing or premature failure and are necessary to maintain the rated aero-acoustic performance.

Conic Flow™ Circular Attenuators

Conic-Flow® Circular Attenuators are available for attenuator applications including low-frequency silencers having acoustic performance specifically engineered for the 63 Hz, 125 Hz and 250 Hz octave bands.

D-Duct™ Diffuser Attenuators

D-Duct™ Acoustic Diffuser Attenuators are appropriate for use on axial fan systems. The combined interior diffuser cone and exterior square jacket casing make these units aerodynamic regain devices as well as silencers.

Rectangular Pack-less Attenuators

Rectangular Pack-less Attenuators are the ultimate solution for ultra-clean environments and corrosive / flammable environments. The complete absence of fill, combined with ease of cleaning and draining makes Pack-less Attenuators well suited for engine test cells, chemical plants, refineries and facilities that handle or process hazardous materials.

Circular Pack-less Attenuators

Circular Pack-less Attenuators are excellent for small diameter circular duct systems such as fume hoods. The Pack-less design of these units makes them equally suitable to the types of systems mentioned for the Rectangular Pack-less Attenuators.

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