Simple & Cost Efficient Audiology Procurement 

We understand and appreciate that large capital expenditure within the confines of NHS budgets is challenging under any normal economic circumstances.  In the current climate and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, budgets need even stronger management, maximising value in all departments.

Despite the current situation audiology testing services must continue. High performance acoustic environments are a necessity and need to be aligned with a cost effective budget – this ensures the NHS is providing the best possible service to those in need.

We are pleased to offer a new way of procuring audiology capital projects and equipment through IAC Acoustics.  With our partners at Kennet Leasing, we have developed a new rental leasing scheme which provides a simple digital procurement process and budget efficient route to your new audiology testing facilities

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For capital investments over £1000 minimum, we are able to provide a lease rental or hire agreement which allows you to access your purchase with a low monthly payment over a 1-5 year period.

As per our example below, spreading the capital investment across  monthly payments greatly reduces your initial outlay, freeing up funds to be used elsewhere for vital services and equipment.

PriceTermMonthly PaymentTax Relief @ 19%Net Cost after Tax Relief
£3,0003 years£101.36£692.96£2,954.20

All subject to VAT at standard rate. Tax Relief is for indicative purposes, please consult with your finance team or Kennet Leasing for further advice.

As a leased asset the equipment qualifies as an Operating Expenditure, enabling you to off-set 100% of annual spend against pre-tax profit – a 19% benefit.  At the end of the agreement period the asset is available for final purchase for a nominal fee – typically equivalent to a month’s lease cost, subject to agreement.

IAC Acoustics Audiology Lease options provide clear benefits:

  • Reduced large capital expenditure – free up budget to other areas of need
  • Low monthly payments – optimise cash flow
  • Spread the cost – efficient procurement method
  • 19% tax benefit – maximise operating efficiency
  • Digital procurement – simple and efficient process

You can take further savings into account when considering the easy of managing the process through a single source, helping drive efficiency throughout the procurement activity:

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