Industrial Noise Control

Industrial noise control requires a comprehensive range of products and solutions to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and in eliminate noise pollution from manufacturing and industrial sites to the wider environment. With vast global experience in delivering industrial noise control to sectors such as process, utilities, manufacturing, power generation and distribution,  IAC Acoustics provides a complete service including:


  • Noise surveys and acoustic evaluations
  • Customised design solutions with adequate provision for maintenance, access, ventilation and cleaning etc
  • Manufacture of all components / structures to agreed specifications
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic performance for most applications is paramount. IAC Acoustics offer a full turn-key service to help determine the optimum solution for each project in terms of correct product specification, selection, location and configuration. In developing your noise mitigation plan for industrial noise pollution, we can advise the most effective strategy to deliver the results you need for health, safety and environmental compliance.  Through over 70 years of experience, IAC Acoustics has created a complete range of products to solve even the most demanding noise problems. Through continued development, both in our laboratories and in the field, we’re constantly evolving to make the world a quieter place.

Product Range


  • Modular acoustic enclosures for noisy plant and machinery
  • Soundproof rooms for product testing
  • Factory offices and control / observation rooms
  • Partial acoustic enclosures, canopies and sliding covers
  • Acoustic barriers and screens
  • Sound-absorptive wall linings and ceiling baffles
  • Acoustic doors and windows
  • Silencers and acoustic louvres for ventilation and mechanical plant equipment

Design Advantages


  • Guaranteed acoustic performance and performance compliance
  • Clean, rapid installation, keeps building time and mess / disruption to an absolute minimum
  • Strong, lightweight structures are approximately 1/3 the weight of conventional structures of the same acoustic performance
  • Panels can be dismantled and relocated at low cost and with no loss in acoustic performance

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The proven, cost effective method for creating acoustic structures, barriers and panels. Moduline™ is a range of high-performance acoustic panel systems from which IAC has successfully created complete acoustic structures and walls for over 70 years.  The integrated acoustic panel system for industrial noise control applications enables us to configure effective solutions in the field which have been successfully laboratory tested and certified.  The comprehensive system integrates all the necessary access requirements and accessories, such as acoustic doors, windows and ventilation systems, to ensure performance of the installed solution delivers to our clients’ specification.  Features Include:


  • Guaranteed laboratory tested acoustic performance
  • Combined Sound Transmission Loss (STL) and sound absorption
  • Matching acoustic performance doors, windows and ventilation systems readily incorporated
  • Simple, rapid dry-trade modular assembly
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Fire resistant
  • Fully demount-able 


The flexibility of Moduline™ panels means that the following types of noise control solutions can be configured:

  • Straight walls / barriers
  • Partial enclosures / shields
  • Access control, including doors, windows and hatches
  • Complete enclosures including acoustic roofs and isolated / floating floors
  • Silent ventilation packages for all types of enclosure from personnel shelters to power generation plant rooms
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