Aero Engine Testing Solutions

As a world-leader in the diverse disciplines of aero engine testing solutions, lAC Aviation provides standard and custom facilities for a wide range of civil and military aviation requirements. IAC Aviation is among the world’s foremost suppliers of turnkey, automated aero engine and aircraft test facilities. For over 50 years we have been designing and building: multi-engine test cells; hush houses; ground run-up pens, mobile, ‘propeller-on’ and APU test facilities. We supply military and commercial aircraft operators, engine manufacturers and overhaul agents internationally.

IAC Aviation is an ideal partner for any company or organization that may need support throughout the process of taking an engine test facility from the concept and design phase through to construction and commissioning. Our portfolio of turnkey projects in aviation has been built upon our original purpose of supplying acoustic products to other test cell providers, consultants, OEM’s and equipment users. 50 years on, as experts in both acoustics and aircraft test facilities, IAC Aviation stand alone in the industry in having the knowledge, insight and capability to provide independent solutions in acoustics for the complete range of aircraft engine testing facilities.

IAC Aviation leads the market in both the design and build of test cells for uninstalled aero engines.  We also deliver adaptation and upgrade projects to enhance the capabilities of existing test cells for new or different engine types

IAC Aviation designs and manufactures turnkey Hush Houses both for the civil and military sector. Our Hush Houses provide all weather facilities for aircraft pass-off during the day or by night

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Test Cell Acoustic Consultancy

Our aim is to be the preferred global acoustics partner for any organisation requiring aircraft test facility acoustic solutions. This service allows the partner to hand over the full technical responsibility to IAC Aviation – from concept to commissioning, ensuring solution compliance with the requirements. Having provided turnkey test cell packages we have considerable expertise and understanding of acoustics for test facilities – across performance, construction, safety and the environment.  We also integrate specialist design features aiding the overall aerodynamic function of the complete system.


This ensures that the engine under test will perform correctly, will achieve repeatable performance, be safe to operate and will provide decades of extremely low maintenance high acoustic performance operations. Our solutions are innovative, cost efficient and can be manufactured globally with full IAC Acoustics group backing on quality and performance.


Typically there will always be air intake and exhaust silencer systems as a minimum requirement for any test cell, but the diagram below shows the extent of the Aeroacoustic equipment IAC Aviation can provide a full turnkey service for in a larger facility:


Automatic Data Acquisition Systems (ADAS)

IAC Aviation is a world leader in the supply of noise control and engine testing facility solutions for the Civil and Military aircraft markets. Over the past decade, we have developed and enhanced our Automatic Data Acquisition System ADAS to cater for the increasingly demanding needs of our customers in a variety of industries – in particular Automotive NVH Testing and Aero Engine Testing.

The ADAS solution from IAC Aviation is a state of the art, real-time data acquisition and facility control system, developed to aid overhaul and testing of aero engines. A typical ADAS configuration will include standard functionality that satisfies most customers’ needs “straight out of the box”. For extended functionality, our team of in-house specialists are available to provide bespoke solutions to fulfill any specialist requirement. This includes options such as – non-standard hardware, interfacing to 3rd party software, stand-alone data analysis and many other mission critical capabilities.

ADAS - Standard Features

  • An Industry Standard Platform utilising National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software
  • Control Desk – incorporating touch-screen technology displays
  • Engine Control System
  • Facility Control System
  • Mains Distribution System
  • Signal Conditioning Hardware
  • Engine Parameter Displays
  • Real-Time Alarm Monitoring
  • Data “Replay” facility

  • Transient & Steady State Recording
  • Data export facilities for post-testing analysis
  • Single point, linear, table driven or polynomial calibration of data channels
  • Remote Link – for instant support
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Vibration monitoring system – optional full FFT analysis
  • CCTV system
  • Analogue/Digital Inputs, Arinc 429, RS422 interfaces, TCP/IP Host/Client Interfacing, ModBus and more…

The system architecture is fully scalable to suit the customer’s requirements from a few channels to 1000+ by using a combination of chassis. Scan rates can range from 10Hz to several KHz dependent on the number of channels and hardware in use.

  • Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • RTD
  • Thermocouple
  • Acceleration/Velocity
  • Digital In/Out
  • ‘Pressure Brick’ and other multi-channel systems – analogue or via a variety of network formats

Maintenance Support and Services

We appreciate that the job doesn’t simply finish once the facility is built. In order to keep your facility in optimal condition, IAC Aviation can provide a range of technical support services, from maintenance and servicing, system calibration, equipment obsolescence management, upgrades and diagnostics. Our aero engine test facility support department provides tailored packages for long and short-term support contracts. From computer and ADAS system issues, to full facility refurbishment and upgrades, our experienced engineers can help. When you contact IAC Aviation with a technical support issue, we will assign one of our expert engineers to investigate and resolve the problem. Our engineers are familiar with all aspects of your installation and have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools that can help to identify the problem and find a solution.


Support is provided on the basis of design authority, through to simple spares servicing including the following services:


  • Calibration Services providing an on-site or off-site calibration service that measures the accuracy of your aero-engine test control equipment
  • Dynamometer Service comprising a full service, strip down and overhaul of all types of dynamometer
  • Maintenance Services provides a full range of options that will keep your aero-engine test facility operating at its maximum potential
  • Technical Manuals including drawings, training material and computer based training – CBT
  • Refurbishment and upgrade services bringing your existing test facility up-to-date with the latest technology and testing standards
  • Spares sourcing and provision offering reliable delivery at acceptable cost

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