Trackwall® Acoustic Movable Wall Systems

Movable walls, sometimes known as operable walls or operable partitions, were developed to optimize the use of multi-purpose spaces which require the flexibility of different configurations .  Acoustic movable walls offer enhanced noise control performance over standard configurations, ensuring that shared spaces can be enjoyed and used as intended with minimal noise interference from the adjacent area. IAC Acoustics Trackwall® range of movable walls is quick, easy and safe to manoeuvre by virtually anyone and allows for numerous room configurations and storage options. The acoustic movable wall is composed of independent glazed or solid panels which slide smoothly on rollers along a top-hung aluminium rail without the need of a floor track. The wall is sealed either manually or automatically.

Trackwall® Movable Wall - Alma & Aqua



Trackwall® Movable Wall Technical Information

Each panel is provided with interlocking seals to each vertical profile, while retractable top and bottom seals are either manually or electrically operated. The seals engage under pressure against the ceiling channel and floor to provide a continuous seal. Individual panels can incorporate single or double door sets and junction panels to form various configurations and access points. Final closure of the wall can be by a telescopic panel, extending wall jamb or full height door.  The seal is flexible in its operation to allow for variations in floor and ceiling height and not only secures the wall from movement but provides excellent insulation against sound and temperature. Multiple tracking and parking configurations are available to help optimize available space. Each panel is composed of a galvanized steel sub-frame and aluminium outer frame. The panel may be double-glazed or have a solid fascia with a virtually unlimited choice of finishes including wood veneer, aluminium, laminate, melamine and fabric.



Alma Solid Panels:


Rw42 – Rw57 (dB)


Aqua Glazed Panels:


Rw44 – Rw49 (dB)



Alma Solid Panels:


W – 840mm – 1300mm


H – max. 11,000mm


Aqua Glazed Panels:


W – 840mm – 1300mm


H – max. 4,500mm




Fire Rating:




Fire classification:


EN13501-1 B-s2, d0




Fully Automatic:




Semi Automatic:







Trackwall® Movable Wall Stacking Systems


Trackwall® Movable Wall Panel Options


Trackwall® Movable Wall Operation

Full Automatic

Our fully automatic i-Core system allows the user to position the wall automatically then lock and seal the panels quickly and safely by way of an electronic key-switch. Each panel is driven electronically along the track and contains a wireless two-way control unit which the master control is able to identify and communicate with. This allows the user to program such things as speed of closure and configuration as well as protecting the system in the event of power interruption. Battery back-up is supplied as standard.

Semi Automatic

Our semi-automatic E-lock system allows the user to fully lock the panels quickly and safely after positioning by way of an electronic key-switch. This allows the wall to automatically seal at the top and bottom to lock it from movement and to insulate it acoustically. The system runs by way of a quick-action worm screw driven by a 24v actuator powered by a protected power supply (certified fully for safety) battery back-up can be supplied for use in case of a cut in mains electricity.


Our Quick-Lock system allows the user to lock the panels quickly and safely after positioning. A simple half-turn of the handle seals the wall at the top and bottom to lock it from movement and to insulate it acoustically.

Trackwall® Movable Wall Features

Our inset pass doors are recognized as the most advanced design in the market. All our handles are manufactured in Germany from high-grade stainless steel to exacting standards. Choose a flush handle for solid doors required in areas allowing no protrusion or a pull handle for glazed doors and solid doors in less demanding environments.

Our innovative concealed hinge allows full adjustment of the door in three dimensions. The Simonswerk hinge system offers superior engineering and quality with clean aesthetics unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Low voltage electrical contacts are housed in our proprietary concave/convex aluminium profiles that guarantee ease of operation and an uninterrupted and safe electrical flow between the panels. The door is equipped with a pressure seal at the bottom, which extends automatically during the closing action of the door.

Aluminium multi-directional track profiles extruded from architectural grade 6063-T6 alloy. Load bearing capacity 358Kg – 850Kg per panel

Tempered glass or laminated glass. Electrically controlled blinds, magic glass or frosted glass. Complimentary geometry aluminium profiles (positive – negative)   

Trackwall® Movable Wall Finishes

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Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partitions

Sliding folding partitions are essentially smaller versions of movable walls.  A system of interlocked panels, usually fully glazed, provide a closing screen or space division solution within an existing larger partition. They are operated manually and are usually hung via head and floor tracks although head track only options are available. Each folded panel is joined via hidden hinges and seals providing a seamless finish once fully closed and folds away neatly when not required. A sliding folding wall can incorporate smaller access doorsets and offer numerous panel configurations and operable actions, such as pivoting panels, which offer flexibility and convenience for users.

Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partitions meet the needs of modern building design and architectural spaces.  Available in two acoustic performance configurations, the single glazed Vista and the double glazed Wave system, provide a broad scope of design configurations to bring flexibility and acoustic privacy with divisible open plan space management.  Whether for commercial buildings, education, conferencing or meeting areas, the high quality architectural finish and aesthetic with seamless operation will complement any architectural space.

Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partitions - Wave & Vista



Both these products provide a wide range of customisable options, providing a flexible design solution for a variety of projects. Many of the design features are inter-changeable between the two product ranges. Trackwall® Wave is a double glazed panel solution with a higher acoustic rating,  Trackwall® Vista is a single glazed panel solution for projects where the highest levels of acoustic rating are not the priority. Trackwall® Wave panels are also available with the option of an opaque solid panel solution in a range of finishes.



Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partition Technical Information





Rw42 – Rw43 (dB)




Rw35 (dB)



Wave Panels:


W – 500mm – 1200mm


H – max. 4000mm


Vista Panels:


W – 500mm – 1200mm


H – max. 3000mm






Double glazed


42mm aluminium frame




Single Glazed 8mm or 10mm


40mm aluminium frame



Floor Guided


Operable Wall


Pivoting Wall


Sliding Door


Wave Option:

Opaque / Solid Panel Version


Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partition Stacking Systems


Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partition Operation




Operable Wall

Suspended independent twin suspension, without floor track. Manual floor lock/latch system

Floor Guided

Continuous wall interconnected by hidden hinges, with its weight suspended and guided by the floor track

Sliding Door

Sliding door with light and thin structure. Great solution for small spaces


Pivoting Wall

Suspended independent single suspension, without floor track. Manual floor lock/latch system

Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partition Features

Door options can include a single/double door or, ultimately, a full height pass door. Single doors are the closure of a continuous system and can be double if two walls join in the middle, adding the possibility of having a fixed door on the opposite side of the wall jamb.

The sliding doors come with all the benefits of moveable wall panels, but incorporated in a door. Great aesthetic and functional solution for greater privacy.

All hinges are designed to be hidden. Thus, when the wall is closed, there is no element to counter the continuity of the wall. It is one of the outstanding aesthetic points in the development of the wall and is highly sought after by architects and designers.

Characterized by their lightness and fine structure, floor guided panels are guided by two rails (floor & ceiling) when opening and closing the wall. All the panels are interconnected and have a single pivot that slides through the upper rail.

The floor track allows the weight of the structure to rest on it, as well as the closing mechanism. It is a discreet piece and prepared to be adapted to the floor with or without finishing.


Our panels can work suspended on a rail fixed to the slab, running free underneath with no need for any inferior guidance. Alternately, the panels are equipped with a mechanism that ensures the fixation and positioning of the system.

An operable wall is characterized by having independent panels with twin suspension. With no floor track, the panels are orientated by the upper rail. For open and closing the wall, there is a manual latch system by panel which only requires a small “cup” on the floor. The lightness and fine structure, eases its mobility.

A pivoting wall is characterized by having single pivot independent panels, thus allowing greater adaptability to the space when opened. The panels are orientated and supported by the upper rail with no need for a floor track. They also have a manual panel latch system in which only a small “cup” on the floor is required.

Trackwall® Sliding Folding Partition Finishes

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Movable Walls Solutions and Market Applications

Trackwall® acoustic movable wall systems have been installed in many locations and facilities worldwide.  Typically some of the key market sectors and buildings where space management and division is beneficial to users include:


  • Sports facilities
  • Teaching spaces
  • Lecture theatres
  • Assembly halls



  • Meeting rooms
  • Conferencing
  • Open plan offices



  • Local authority
  • Healthcare
  • Galleries
  • Museums



  • Exhibition halls
  • Conference centres
  • Hotels

In addition to movable walls and sliding folding partitions, IAC Acoustics offers a range of other components that integrate seamlessly to form architectural noise control solutions .  Typical acoustic installations in Education and Commercial buildings include acoustic doors and acoustic windows, working to mitigate noise in the same or adjacent spaces as movable walls.  Furthermore we also offer Moduline™, IAC Acoustics modular acoustic construction panel system – used in applications such as Audiology, Studio and Music Practice Rooms.

Beyond internalspaces we also provide acoustic ventilation noise control products for internal and the external building envelope.  Acoustic louvres and louvre doors are also available to integrate seamlessly into the building envelope design.  We provide a wide range of silencers and attenuators to enhance the acoustic performance of the HVAC system.  Please contact us to utilise our freely available product selection and configuration tool.

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