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Building my Dream Music Studio

For many working in the professional music production industry, owning your own studio space is the dream.  One step beyond is to own the site and then develop the studio space to your exact design and personal preferences.


This is of course a massive investment of time, resources and finance. After a lifetime in professional production with his own successful business, Claudio Passavanti otherwise known as Doctor Mix is finally realising that dream.


Offering online mixing, mastering and production, Claudio feels now is the time to expand and develop his Doctor Mix solution to his loyal client base.  In central London since 2006, born out of his acclaimed Sunlightsquare Records label, the ideal property has just become available for Claudio to make it happen and build the ‘perfect studio’.


“I really can’t believe it – it’s been many years in the making but my life’s work and all the dreams are finally coming true!” Claudio’s passion and excitement for all things music and studio really jumps out at you spending just 30 seconds talking with him!


His adventure starts here in his YouTube episodes in which he will catalog the full build process from empty shell to go-live.  Almost half a million channel subscribers are enthralled with Claudio’s honest and real insights into the world of music production and studios.


Acoustic design and product solutions were at the forefront of his mind once construction was underway – “I can’t wait to get all my mixing desks and gear in and get to work, but I knew I needed to start with a good acoustic design and build.  I wanted the best products my budget would allow.  I knew I needed high noise reduction for my layout split between Main, Production and Mixing Rooms.  For that i needed the best acoustic doors and windows to match my wall partitions – my research led me to IAC Acoustics naturally.”


We sent Paul Gilbert and Scott Simmons to meet Claudio and see the installation, and have a cup of tea.  The team consults with him on the best options and potential issues he might also consider to ensure he gets the best performing acoustic products for his studio.  You can see more of the acoustic doors site meeting here in Episode 3.


We will keep you updated on Claudios story and new episodes – soon Claudio will be visiting the IAC Acoustic factory, looking at his new doors being built and tested.  The story continues as he takes delivery and installation and heads towards completion of his goal.


If you would like to talk more about your studio or acoustic doors then please give me a call, ciao to the next episode!

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