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A Complete Solution to Automotive Acoustic Testing

IAC Acoustics can offer a complete turnkey service for the provision of automotive acoustic test facilities. With numerous projects around the world, each with very specific requirements, IAC Acoustics can offer a central contact point for a new facility or overhaul and refurbishment of existing buildings.

The IAC turnkey service includes initial design concepts, all the way through to project management, testing and final commissioning of a facility.  By opting for a turnkey service, this enables IAC to focus on delivering the optimum acoustic facility by designing a building which is fit for purpose, utilises the available space effectively and performs to the specified criteria.

With over 60 years experience in providing acoustic test facilities, IAC Acoustics has built up extensive relationships with international dynamometer companies to offer your preferred choice of supplier.

Vehicle Semi-Anechoic Chambers (VSACs) are typically used for the measurement of inner and outer noise & vibration of a car with 2WD or 4WD, typically during run-up and coast down and at constant speeds, including the measurement of intake and exhaust, engine compartment, steering wheel and seat rail vibrations.

Shake and rattle facilities are typically used at the end of a production line before a vehicle leaves the factory but can also be performed in Hemi-Anechoic Chamber as part of vehicle development. The end of line variant is a final acoustic test to ensure there are no panels which squeak or rattle.

Road traffic noise is a main contributor to environmental noise, thus, it is intended to be reduced and limited by legislation in order to increase health and life quality.

Vehicle pass-by noise tests are conducted according to the international standard ISO 362, which quantifies the noise emission of a vehicle in an urban traffic environment, by testing on an outdoor track.

Powertrain testing is typically carried out inside a hemi-anechoic chamber to ensure high acoustic absorbency. A typical layout for powertrain test cells is with 2 or 4 independent dynamometers sitting outside of the test chamber, leaving only the engine and gearbox inside the hemi-anechoic room. IAC powertrain chambers allow functional testing of various powertrain and transmission types in a virtual vehicle environment.

Engine Noise Test Cells (ENTC’s) are typically environments for testing a standalone engine. Usually hemi-anechoic in design, an ENTC shares many characteristics with IAC VSAC chambers, but without a chassis dynamometer.

IAC Acoustics produces listening rooms for testing the sound quality of various noises associated with a certain vehicle. These important facilities play a large part in the R&D process, utilising first hand market research data. The research data gathered, aids in ‘tuning’ a vehicle to sound a certain way and is typically very different across models, even throughout a manufacturer’s vehicle range.

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Anechoic Ventilation Systems

A ventilation system must provide adequate air circulation at sound pressure levels below design criterion. IAC Quiet-vent® silencing systems are designed to provide approximately 15 air changes per hour in a typical anechoic facility. If specialist heating/cooling needs are required, then we can custom-design a system to meet your needs.

IAC Acoustics is an industry leader in the design and construction of silencing devices for air/gas flow systems. These range from minimal air changes to large elaborate intake and exhaust silencing systems to accommodate engine research within an acoustic test facility.  We have designed and manufactured hundreds of thousands of silencers for soundproof rooms, HVAC systems, industrial machinery, power plants, engine test cells and gas turbines.


The last two decades have seen an explosion in acoustic testing by automotive manufacturers, component suppliers, engineering institutions and educational organisations together with a rapid growth in the construction of new acoustic test facilities.

Many older facilities have become tired and may contain materials that are now considered unsuitable and hazardous. IAC Acoustics can provide your facility with a much needed upgrade complying with current ISO standards and utilising state of the art robust materials and technology. All IAC products such as acoustic doors, windows and attenuators are rigorously tested and the new materials permit “corporate styling” and high aesthetics to suit each customers’ individual requirements.  Typical scope of  refurbishment and upgrade projects includes:

  • Survey and design
  • Existing chamber strip-out
  • Replacement wedges
  • Replacement doors
  • Replacement ventilation
  • Replacement lighting and electrics



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