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IAC Acoustics is a global supplier of high-performance steel acoustic doors and door sets.  Our range covers the typical professional application requirements between Rw50dB and Rw63dB with guaranteed in-field performance. As a manufacturer with over seventy years of experience, we are adept at solving issues relating to noise isolation and containment. Typically this is where the specification and quality of the complete acoustic doorset solution is vital.

IAC offers a wide range of standard acoustic door models. We have the ability to custom design and manufacture doors to suit specific applications. We provide CE Marked and Fire Rated versions alongside laboratory certified acoustic performance, with guaranteed installed acoustic performance levels.

Over one million Noise-Lock®, Super Noise-Lock® acoustic doorsets have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world.

Typical applications include hospitals, commercial buildings, broadcast studios, nightclubs, theatres, laboratories, data centres, plant rooms, and power stations.  IAC Acoustics delivers solutions to virtually any situation where it is required to contain or exclude noise from a room or building.

Our Products

Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors
Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors
Architectural and Industrial high performance acoustic doors ranging from Rw50dB to Rw63dB in single and double doorsets
Super Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors
Super Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors
Thousands of Super Noise-Lock®  acoustic doors have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world. 

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Acoustic Doors Performance

Laboratory and in-field acoustic test data

The IAC Acoustics soundproof doorset range covers a wide variety of performance levels between Rw50dB and Rw63dB, and beyond with custom configurations.

The complete doorset assemblies are regularly tested in laboratories and in-field for continuous qualification and product development. This helps us in ensuring that we uphold our guaranteed acoustic performance.

Our professional team ensures that your complete assembly is installed in accordance with our strict compliance standards.  This mitigates any localised acoustic flanking issues within the doorset and host wall arrangement.  We ensure that the specified soundproof doorset performance for your project is delivered with the highest quality fit and finish.

You can view our technical data sheets for Noise-Lock® and  Super Noise-Lock® acoustic doorsets via the links.  Please get in touch with our Door Team to discuss your project’s acoustic specification requirements.


Engineered, manufactured and factory assembled advantages

StudioaAll IAC Acoustic & soundproof doorsets – hatches, singles, doubles and oversize doors are designed, engineered and manufactured to rigid acoustic and safety standards as part of our ISO9001 compliance certification.

AutoCAD and SolidWorks models of our doors are pre-programmed for manufacturing efficiency.  Sheet steel is laser cut to the precise tolerances required for high performance acoustic doorset manufacture. It is then folded for onward assembly.

Our standard range of door hardware is pre-configured into the manufacturing system. This enables the cut-outs, internal fixtures and assembly requirements to be integrated in the initial production process.

This means that there is no requirement for cutting, drilling or access to the internals of the door and frame after the paint finish is applied.

Noise-Lock Wedge-Basket & Personnel Acoustic Doorsets to Hemi-Anechoic Chamber - Mando, USAOnce the doorset has been through the polyester powder coating line, there is no risk of damage with every cut-out, hole and exact hardware item perfectly positioned and ready to be fitted in a rapid assembly schedule.

All doors are then fitted to their specific door frames and tested for operation fit, alignment and acoustic sealing.  Additionally, all door hardware items are checked for operation including mechanical and electrical components, from door handles and door closers to electric strikes and access control systems.

This process ensures that the exact doorset your project specified, is delivered and installed to site with a guarantee of acoustic and operational performance.  We believe we have the best acoustic doorset in the global market – as our existing customers with over 1 million doorsets installed, will attest to.

Product Certification

Testing and compliance

IAC Acoustics offers a range of acoustic fire door & doorset products to BS476-22:1987 with further testing in process to the EN 1634-1 standard.  Fire Standards are complex with performance measurement for overall Integrity and Insulation characteristics. This is applied alongside varied scope for the practical Field of Application of single and double doorsets, with acceptable design configurations.

Due to the complexity involved, we highly recommend consulting with one of our Door Team experts for your specification requirements.

Noise-Lock D-59 Acoustic Doorsets - Lorient, UKWhether the proposed doorset is fire rated or non fire rated for internal or external use, it may also require CE Marking,

An outline of the scope of certification requirements for CE Marking is available from the Door & Hardware Federation, among other sources.  Some key requirements summarised below;

CE Image

Further information is available in our product specification pages. For more detailed discussion and review of Fire Rating and CE Marked products please get in touch with our Door Team.


How to select the right Acoustic Doors or Doorsets for your project?

The acoustic headline data of Rw50dB to Rw63dB product range gives an indication of the calculated overall performance. But, all projects typically require a more detailed acoustic analysis to select the correct doorset. This is done to achieve the clients’ noise control needs and meet their performance expectations.

The range of IAC Acoustics soundproof doorsets are manufactured with specific considerations to different frequency bands.  This is particularly important at specification stage if your project is targeting a recognised noise control requirement or octave frequency band.  This could be low or high frequency, human voice or loud industrial machinery for Noise at Work compliance.  An example could be the requirement to control the 100Hz hum from an electricity transformer . This low frequency noise source will require a higher mass of doorset for effective noise control.

It is essential to meet a wide spectrum of noise control performance requirements,. So, our Noise-Lock® architectural acoustic doorset construction starts from a base 64mm leaf and matching frame with twin high performance self-aligning magnetic acoustic seals. It goes through to a 128mm leaf and matching frame with triple high performance self-aligning magnetic acoustic seals.

Similarly, our Super Noise-Lock® large industrial acoustic doorset construction range starts from 100mm leaf and frame with twin compression acoustic seals. It goes to a 150mm leaf and frame with triple compression acoustic seals.

You can view our technical data sheets for Noise-Lock®  & Super Noise-Lock® acoustic doorsets.  These will give you initial data and insight to the different acoustic performance characteristics so that you can do product selection for your project.


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What makes a high performance acoustic doorset?

As our world becomes more populated and condensed, acoustics and legislation becomes increasingly evident to protect us from the impacts. So, we need high performance acoustic doorset solutions for effective noise control.


Best Practice

Design considerations

As our environment becomes more populated and condensed, noise control legislation becomes increasingly important to protect people’s safety and well-being.

There are many legislative standards to consider, in particular IAC Acoustic soundproof doorsets are commonly used for noise control in four main areas;

There are of course many other legislative standards we provide acoustic doorset solutions for, including audiology and acoustic test facilities.



The table indicates the safe and damaging ranges of noise source decibel levels and the subsequent maximum exposure time for safe working practice.

Our Door Team and Acoustic Engineers would be happy to help you understand the specifications for sound reduction. They will guide you in soundproof doorset product selection for your project.

At the outset of your project, we would advise you to consider some of the following elements for your acoustic doorset specification;

  • Acoustic performance, both overall and any specific frequency needs
  • Fire resistance ratings and smoke ratings
  • Hardware and access control needs
  • User requirements and capabilities, including EA 2010 & BS 8300
  • Vision Panels and other design elements
  • Built environment – host building and wall construction
  • Project timeline

Project Process

From Acoustic Door specification to installed solution

IAC Acoustics is the leading acoustic doorset manufacturer in the world because we value our performance, quality and integrity so highly.  This enables us to ensure that we place our clients satisfaction and  project delivery as the most important element of our relationship.

We guide acousticians, consultants, engineers, quantity surveyors, project and construction managers through the process.  It starts from the original specification and selection of the right doorset for the project, through to handover.

Project scope can vary greatly between industry sectors and applications, however a typical project cycle is outlined below;



Complementary Product Solutions

Acoustic Windows and Modular Room solutions

In addition to acoustic doors, IAC Acoustics offers a range of other components that integrate seamlessly to form larger and more complex noise control systems.  These products include Moduline™, IAC Acoustics modular acoustic construction panel systems. It is used in applications such as Audiology, Studio and Industrial markets.

In order to complete the acoustic package, a significant number of acoustic door projects require complementary internal acoustic windows.  These are typically found together within the construction projects NBS Specification documents in parts L20 Doors and L10 for Windows.

Noise-Lock® acoustic windows are designed to match in acoustic performance and aesthetics to the Noise-Lock® acoustic doors. This provides the complete acoustic solution for your project when combining control, live or observation rooms and other similar multi-room configurations.

Acoustic louvres and louvre doors are also available to integrate seamlessly into the building envelope design.  We provide a wide range of silencers and attenuators to enhance the acoustic performance of the HVAC system.  Please contact us to utilise our freely available product selection and configuration tool.

Acoustic Doors Downloads

Noise-Lock Acoustic Doors Brochure

Our overview of our personnel acoustic door products and specifications

Super-Noise Lock Acoustic Doors Brochure

Our overview of our large acoustic door products and specifications

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