Music Practice Rooms

Our range of modular music practice rooms, vocal booths and soundproof booths provide the perfect environment for musical and vocal performance and assessment.  Music practice rooms, the MusicBox and MusicBox Pro range, are turn-key engineered environments with interior acoustic treatments, providing a variety of colours and finishes to complement any architectural design.  Whether for professional rehearsal space or education, meeting BB93 standards, we have a music practice room to suit all sizes, specifications and performance needs.

A music practice room enables musicians to rehearse and record within a controlled and self-contained environment; typically manufactured to isolate the room from external airborne noise, mitigate internally generated sounds and provide optional vibration isolation from structure-borne noise transmission.  Available in two standard models, MusicBox (single wall construction) and MusicBox Pro (double wall construction) each give guaranteed sound isolation ratings.

Depending on your music practice room requirements, a single wall constructed model can be configured to achieve NIC 45 whilst double wall models can reach up to NIC 65.  The prefabricated modular panel design of IAC’s MusicBox makes for simple and cost effective installation, giving dimensional flexibility and offering both solo and group rehearsal rooms.

IAC’s Music Practice Rooms Features include:


  • Moduline – IAC’s high performance modular acoustic panel system
  • Rugged construction providing outstanding durability
  • Acoustic doors
  • Acoustic windows
  • Silent acoustic ventilation system
  • Integrated LED lights and power sockets
  • Laminate flooring
  • Optional equipment including isolated floating floors and enhanced finishes

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Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music (RAM) in London is internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading music teaching centres and has been training top professionals for almost 200 years.

The Academy undertook a major refurbishment project to build the award-winning Susie Sainsbury Theatre and Angela Burgess Recital Hall creating world class spaces to the highest standards of acoustic and aesthetic excellence. RAM additionally wanted to rework some old recording studios and music practice rooms into a new percussion suite. A key concern here was the location – positioned directly below the refurbished Theatre gave the Academy cause for concern on acoustic integrity of the proposed space.

After undertaking a number of successful music practice room projects for the Academy in the past, IAC were selected with confidence to design a solution to ensure percussion practice was not audible in the newly refurbished auditorium. A suite of five MusicBox rooms were created each comprising of a floating floor which supports the walls and roof, controlling both air and structural borne noise. Integrated into the rooms are high performance Noise-Lock® acoustic double doors, interior tuning elements, attenuated ventilation and electrical services. An adjacent Jazz Room was provided with acoustic doors and tuners. The acoustic doors are Rw 52dB performance rated with twin self-aligning magnetic seals; the double leafs ensured there were no limitations to the size of the instruments used within the rooms. The Moduline™ panel system for MusicBox was able to meet the demands of the complex layout and shapes required, where ceilings followed the profile of the host spaces to maximise the volume of the music practice rooms.

At the same time IAC undertook the relocation of eight further previously installed IAC rooms from the main building in Marylebone Road to another site near Oxford Street. The modular approach with a rugged series of acoustic components meant the four year old rooms were effectively relocated and offer the same level of acoustic performance in their new home. At the new location IAC also took responsibility for optimising reverberation and isolation to a number of conventionally built walls forming class rooms, hugely improving the sound isolation between the teaching spaces.


‘’Despite the difficulty of working in the basement of a major building site with some really awkward shapes and limitations, IAC delivered a suite of rooms that fully meet the requirements of the Academy and allow full use of the Auditorium with happy percussionists below.”

Pete Smith, Estates Manager

Royal Academy of Music Video and Gallery

MusicBox Options

IAC’s music practice rooms, MusicBox and MusicBox Pro, are available in 20 standard sizes giving various degrees of volume and space. IAC’s MusicBox is more open and less confining than other music practice rooms, feeling more like a performance space.  Available as standard:

  • Solid acoustic walls
  • Perforated acoustic ceilings
  • Smooth corner panels
  • Glazed STC53 (Rw52dB) acoustic door
  • Laminate / wood flooring
  • 10 standard RAL colours available
  • Ceiling mounted 4 spot LED track lights

  • 2 double power sockets
  • Wall or roof mounted ventilation system
  • Acoustic laboratory certified data
  • BB93 Compliant* for UK Market
  • Fully Demountable
  • Durable materials & high quality build

Acoustic Performance

1/1 Octave Band Ctr. Freq. (Hz)
MusicBox Pro3969657887878265

Internal Reverberation Time

1/1 Octave Band Ctr. Freq. (Hz)
1252505001k2k4k8kAverage (seconds)
Typical RT0.220.200.300.410.520.47-0.35
Typical RT0.220.200.300.410.520.47-0.35

College of West Anglia

The College of West Anglia (CWA) is one of the largest and most successful education and training providers in the Eastern Region and among the top colleges in the country. CWA has undertaken a facility upgrade to the Creative Studios on their King’s Lynn campus. Formerly a sports hall, the building has been completely refurbished and is now a state of the art, dedicated facility for music, media, ceramics, performing arts and TV production.

IAC Acoustics was approached to produce rehearsal rooms in the music department using the MusicBox music practice room system. The modular design, flexibility and guaranteed acoustic performance from an all-metal construction was selected due to the stringent acoustic rating needed to be achieved. From initial planning stages to the final build, IAC delivered a professional turnkey service, making the project flow as unobtrusive to CWA and its daily activities and users . One of the key challenges was the existing acoustic environment of the building – the high ceiling of the original sports hall created significant reverberation. MusicBox’s standalone pod construction of each room minimised interference form the surrounding host environment, further enhanced by anti vibration mounts to reduce structural noise and vibration transfer.

The new music department which houses a suite of five music practice rooms, plus two control and editing suites are fully isolated from one another and the host building so as to not disturb students learning in the nearby classrooms and workshops. Manufactured from IAC’s Moduline™ panel system for MusicBox, the Noise-Lock™ II hard panels are solid faced, to minimise noise transfer. Noise-Lock® acoustic doors with an acoustic performance of Rw 50dB were also installed. 

Working closely with the client and architect, IAC Acoustics delivered a music rehearsal and production suite that meets the original acoustic specification and all other client requirements.

“We are delighted with the newly installed music practice rooms. They provide a surprising amount of sound isolation which is instantly evident when one opens the super-efficient doors on a metal band in full flow! The modular layout has allowed us to make effective use of available space in providing a very adaptable set of rooms to accommodate a range of rehearsal or recording activities simultaneously. Staff and students alike are enjoying the increased space and flexibility this installation has provided us with!”

Ross Griggs, Music Lecturer and Course Director

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