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Music Practice Rooms

Music practice rooms and soundproof booths provide an acoustically sound environment for musical and vocal rehearsal, performance, assessment and recording purposes for musicians across the amateur and professional spectrum. They are constructed to isolate the room from external noise whilst mitigating the sound generated within the practice space. Organisations like the internationally recognised Royal Academy of Music in London typically have a requirement for a large number of these rooms including a specific percussion practice area. All these rooms can be utilised for anything from educational purposes or even recording a final performance.  Such organisations often turn to IAC Acoustics to deliver effective modular music practice room acoustic solutions to meet their individual needs.


The creation of a music practice room with acoustic integrity is not just limited to a new building. Refurbishing of older facilities or even a complete conversion of a space with a previous use, far removed from the musical arts, is a common practice to rejuvenate or reimagine existing building use. Transforming a space in this way can provide a state-of-the-art acoustically sound practice environment through making the most of your existing space. Through the initial planning process and acoustic design,considered acoustic upgrades can transform a room or whole building. Enhancing the experience for both musicians using the new practice spaces and possible adjacent rehearsing activities is vital to ensure effective use for all. An example of the possible options and implementation is provided by The College of West Anglia which transformed a former sports hall into a dedicated facility for music, media, ceramics, performing arts and TV production.


Transforming an area with an alternative existing function or previous history can have its challenges – from large spaces with high ceilings causing excessive reverberation, or potential transfer of noise or vibration into other rooms above, below or next to the practice space. Ensuring the acoustic integrity must always be the priority whilst maintaining the flexibility to provide usable practice spaces within the confines of the existing structure.


By using acoustically certified modular construction approach, flexibility in design is retained whilst ensuring the acoustic specification is met.  The prefabricated panel design makes for simple, clean and cost-effective installation giving dimensional flexibility and offering both solo and group practice spaces. Modular prefabricated construction also provides the opportunity for relocation of an existing set-up in case of a change of premises or if an adjustment to the layout is required.


IAC Acoustics music practice rooms are offered with a full turnkey package of components, including internal fit-out, mechanical and electrical components and acoustically treated air conditioning.  If you are considering a change of use of space, or enhancing the acoustic performance and quality of your music and arts department, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss design and acoustic options to support your requirements.


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