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IAC Acoustics mean business…

IAC were proud to exhibit at the British and Irish Airports Expo last week showcasing our products and introducing our partner Blastwall to the UK market.

During the Expo Fraser Alexander and Mark Newton met with Hannah Sallabanks of the British Aviation Group to cement our new relationship.

IAC renewed membership of BAG to help strengthen and grow our business with UK and global airports market as designers, manufacturers and installers of jet blast protection equipment and airport noise control.

Our standard range of products can be configured to suit every possible application to provide jet blast protection, including those with specific needs for radio frequency and radar permeability and to any size or particular layout.

Our aim is to become the premier supplier to UK and Irish airports and we believe with the support of BAG and the continued development of our products and customer services IAC will be able to help any airport to the most appropriate and cost effective jet blast protection system for any application.

You can get in contact with IAC directly through our website or through the BAG directory.
We would be happy to help with your jet blast protection requirements.

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