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Aviation & Airport Solutions

Airport Products

IAC Acoustics have applied our acoustics and aerospace pedigree to develop a range of products that deal with the effects of aircraft generated noise and Jet blast for a wide range of airfield situations. The products can be applied from the smallest private airports right the way through military applications and to the largest of commercial international airports.

Engine Test Facilities

IAC Acoustics is among the world’s foremost suppliers of turnkey, automated aero-engine / aircraft test facilities. Both designing and building multi-engine test cells, hush houses, mobile aero-engine test cells, and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) test facilities.

Test Cell Acoustic Services

IAC Acoustics is an ideal partner for any company or organization that may need support throughout the process of taking an engine test facility from the concept and design phase through to construction and commissioning. Our portfolio of turnkey projects in aviation has been built upon our original purpose of supplying acoustic products to other test cell providers, consultants, OEM's and equipment users.

Automatic Data Acquisition Systems (ADAS)

IAC Acoustics is a world leader in the supply of noise control and engine testing facility solutions for the Civil and Military aircraft markets. Over the past decade, IAC has developed and enhanced their Automatic Data Acquisition System (ADAS) to cater for the increasingly demanding needs of our customers in a variety of industries.

Support & Services

At IAC, we know that the job doesn't simply finish once the facility is built. In order to keep your facility in optimal condition, IAC can provide a range of technical support services, from maintenance and servicing, system calibration, equipment obsolescence management, upgrades, diagnostics and the occasional component failure.

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