Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doors

Our solution

Over one million Noise-Lock® acoustic doorsets have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world.  Our range of acoustic doors spans Rw50dB to Rw63dB and higher, in specialist configurations.  Noise-Lock® modular soundproof doors in single or double doorset styles are combined with a multitude of installation and design details to deliver a world leading noise control solution.

Design Details

General options and configurations

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® acoustic doors are manufactured as an engineered system — factory assembled complete with a door leaf, frame, architrave, acoustic seals, cam-lift hinges and operational hardware or ironmongery. All doors are pre-hung for operational alignment, fit and finish before shipping.

Key design features for all Noise-Lock® soundproof doors include:

  • Architectural grade polyester powder coat finish
  • Custom digital print wrap and other specialist finish options
  • Self-aligning magnetic acoustic seal system
  • 3mm or 6mm flat threshold
  • Acoustic vision panel multiple size and configuration options
  • RF Shielded doorset option for our modular acoustic room solutions
  • Wide selection of global brand door hardware and ironmongery
  • Access control and electric opening operation available
  • Single or double doorset assemblies, to an approximate maximum 12m2 double door set


Frames and architraves

Noise-Lock® sound reduction doorsets have two standard frame arrangements which cover the large majority of in-field project design requirements.  The traditional frame and architrave arrangement is our most popular design configuration.  The main part of the frame return wraps around the wall face – once partially installed, a notched male architrave assembly is pushed in from the opposite side into the back of the frame.

The architrave is assembled and delivered as a single piece construction in all but the very largest of installations.  The finished assembly completely encloses around the host wall as per the illustration:


It is not always possible to install an enclosed or wrap around frame and architrave style solution.  If for example the soundproof door is within a corridor, or the architect’s design requires a flush face finish.

As an alternative, we offer an in-board or tunnel type frame arrangement.  The frame returns are minimised which suits projects where either there isn’t a host wall to fully wrap around, or the wall finishes may be built up with some form of cladding or detail which creates a seamless architectural finish.

We have over many thousands of projects been able to develop customised design details to suit those more complex sound reduction installations.  Our Door team and Engineers will be happy to review any requirements and advise if these are possible to manufacture while maintaining acoustic integrity.

Product Certification

Testing and compliance

Noise-Lock® acoustic doorsets have undergone laboratory testing in both IAC Acoustics R&D facilities and independent laboratories to ISO 10140-2:2010.  This is further supported by installed site testing – IAC Acoustics is renowned for quality, durability and guarantees in-field performance.

Summary of our Noise-Lock® acoustic doorset sound reduction performance levels and octave band centre frequencies:

IAC Acoustics offers a range of sound reduction doors to fire standard BS476-22:1987 with further testing in process to the EN 1634-1 standard. Noise-Lock® soundproof doorsets have an Assessment and Field of Application for single and double doorsets, with allowable design configurations, authorised by Warrington Fire, one of the UK’s leading independent fire assessment bodies.

Our BS476 fire rated soundproof doorsets are available across the range from Rw50dB to Rw63dB.  The extent of fire resistance between 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute requirements is partially dependent on door hardware selected, and the maximum allowable size for the time period.

The following data table outlines the core range [Dimensions based on D-50 model];

Integrity Period [mins]Single Door
Max SO Dim [mm]
Single Door HardwareDouble Door
Max SO Dim [mm]
Double Door Hardware
30 & 601352 x 2524Single latch & door closer2552 x 2524Active leaf single latch, inactive leaf automatic double latch, plus door coordinators
90 & 1201352 x 2634Triple latch & door closer2552 x 2634Active leaf triple latch, inactive leaf automatic double latch, plus door coordinators

Additionally we also offer a range of acoustic fire rated vision panels which maintain the acoustic and fire integrity of the acoustic doorset.  Illustrated below, these are standardised to maximum clear view sizes of:


Vision Panels must be placed at least 300mm from the lead edge of the leaf.  On double doors vision panels must be included in both leafs and be of identical size and position in order to maintain fire integrity.

There are specific combinations on single or double doorsets which may require further clarification relative to doorset size, therefore we always suggest you consult for exact project specification and clarification with our Door Team.

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® acoustic doorsets have undergone rigorous testing for assessment of CE Marking standards to BS EN 14351-1:2006.  This is a compulsory standard on external doorsets. As of October 2019 this scope was expanded to incorporate fire rated doors under the EN 16034-1 harmonised standard.

The testing covers key performance areas which are also aligned closely with the required performance characteristics of an acoustic doorset – air permeability and water tightness are aligned with high quality acoustic sealing performance.

A summary of the mandatory characteristics and standards for BS EN 14351-1:2006:

CharacteristicDeclared PerformanceStandard
Air permeabilityClass 2BS EN 14351-1:2006
Water tightnessClass 3ABS EN 14351-1:2006
Resistance to wind loadsClass A2BS EN 14351-1:2006
Overall Classification800BS 6375-1:2015+A1:2016
Acoustic PerformanceVarious Rw50-63dBISO 10140-2:2010

At the current time IAC Acoustics is updating its BS476 Part 22 fire rated testing and field assessments to the EN16034-1 standard. We will be publishing further content and information regarding this in the near future.

Until this process is complete, due to the changes in the October 2019 BS EN 14351-1:2006 standard, we cannot currently supply a CE marked external fire rated acoustic doorset.

We can continue to supply CE Marked external non fire rated acoustic doorsets and internal acoustic doorsets in either fire rated or standard designs.


Finishing Options

Surface finishes

Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doorsets are available in a very broad spectrum of Polyester Powder Coat paint finishes.

We prime and paint all door leaf and frame assemblies before final fit-up of the door hardware.  The doorset is then checked for operational fit, alignment and performance.  The quality of paint finish is guaranteed – all the hardware penetrations and fixing systems are laser cut pre-fabrication and fully integrated, meaning no risk to the final finish with manual fabrication processes.

We typically are able to powder coat to any standard RAL colour chart or BS colour chart selection using a wide variety of high quality powder manufacturers.

Digitally printed wraps have also been used at surface finishes on Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doorsets with great success, enabling unique images, patterns and colours to be architecturally and visually coordinated with the surrounding spaces and room environment.

Other specialist finishes previously supplied on IAC Acoustics acoustic doors include timber cladding, stone cladding, stainless steel, linishing, laminate and veneer.  Please discuss any custom requirements with our Door Team today.

Acoustic Vision Panels

Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doorsets are available with a range of glazed screens or vision panels, we offer the following standard configurations;

These standard designs on single acoustic door leafs can be repeated either on one or two leafs in a double doorset.  Depending on the access requirements and hardware specifications the vision panels options can provide a multitude of configurations to suit a clients project and safety requirements.  On request we can provide custom solutions – please contact our Door Team for further consultation.

Our soundproof door vision panels are glazed laminated safety glass to match the specified acoustic door set performance, with no loss of integrity.  The frame assemblies are manufactured from the same materials as the doorset, are acoustically decoupled and finished in polyester powder coat for a consistent high quality architectural aesthetic.


Door Hardware and Ironmongery

Noise-Lock® soundproof doors are designed primarily to function as high performance noise control models, and therefore are heavy by design – ranging from 44kg/m2 to 88kg m/2 across the five model range.

For this specific reason, the range of door furniture or hardware we provide as standard is selected based on;

  • robust in manufacture quality and durability
  • appropriate assembly details for steel door leafs between 64mm and 127mm
  • high quality architectural finish
  • provide the appropriate certification and requirements to suit Noise-Lock® fire rated acoustic doorsets


The products and brands we approve have been through rigorous testing and compliance assessment in our own factory, alongside the in-house product certification the original manufacture will have undertaken.  

The range we have developed over recent years provides options to satisfy the large majority of project design requirements.  This includes options for electrical access control systems and even powered automatic operator systems.  Further standard hardware options, plus many further hardware items can be found in our Acoustic Doors Hardware Catalogue.

Once approved the selected products are programmed into our production database which ensures that all necessary penetrations, mounting systems and fixing details are incorporated into the laser cutting material planning and assembly process.  All soundproof door hardware is installed and tested for operational fit and finish in the factory before the door is shipped to the project site.

We have a number of standard hardware packs and configurations which cover the main requirements of most project installations.  Typical example of a single fire door and a panic escape double door are indicated below:


Modular Specification

Modular product selection and specifications available in Single and Double Acoustic Doorset models throughout the Noise-Lock® range:

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Case Study - Doctor Mix

IAC Acoustics were approached to provide product help and support for a ground floor studio development from commercial space in Stratford, London for music producer Doctor Mix. The studio was to consist of 2 live studio rooms and 1 control room with a small storage room included within the studio space. Acoustic and noise control was required for top quality studio performance but also to prevent unwanted noise and vibration for the users both above and adjacent to the studio space whilst also providing a high level of fire safety performance.

The studio space itself was double walled, insulated, and isolated using a rubber layer between the walls, floor, and ceiling. 3 x ND-50 acoustic doors (Rw50dB with EI60 fire performance, E =  Integrity, I = Insulation, 60 minutes, to EN1634-1 standard) were fitted as the main doors into each studio and the control room with a D-50 acoustic door providing access to a small storage area. The large requested window area was filled using 2 x W-50 acoustic window (EI30 fire performance) providing light and great aesthetics to the space without compromising on acoustic integrity or fire safety and performance.

Doctor Mix was invited to witness supplementary testing of the new ND-50 fire door at one of IAC’s certified laboratory partners. The propane gas furnace produces temperatures up to 1200 degrees celsius – thermocouples are attached to multiple sections of the doors and the furnace itself to monitor temperatures and structural performance of the doorset throughout the test cycle. Incredibly, the new acoustic steel door design ensures that both integrity [structural door performance] and insulation [restriction of heat transfer through the door] are delivered to a minimum of 60 minutes of protection.  During testing the outside of the door is relatively cool to the touch despite the 1200 degree celsius temperature that the inside of the door is subjected to!

IAC Acoustics were delighted to have another very satisfied customer with a high performance music studio that delivers on both acoustic performance and the most stringent of fire safety standards.




“Everything about my IAC doors and windows is outstanding: from their look, their build quality, their efficacy to how professional the IAC team was in designing and installing them. My studio now looks and sounds the way I always dreamt”

Doctor Mix

Noise Control Applications

Typical projects

The Noise-Lock® modular soundproof doorset system creates a product solution for noise control which is equally capable of application in a recording studio or a power plant.  This is only possible through the exact tolerances yet robust design and manufacture features of the doorset. We create a high quality aesthetic with a premium appearance and durable performance which is appropriate to any project environment.

Noise-Lock® soundproof doors are suited to virtually any noise reduction situation where sound must be contained within or excluded from a room or building, some typical applications include:


  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Conference
  • Data Centres
  • Music Practice
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Live Music Venues
  • Recording Studios
  • Theatres
  • Factories
  • Film Studios
  • Acoustic Test Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Plant Rooms
  • Power Generation
  • Vehicle & Engine Testing

Our Clients

A global solution provider

IAC Acoustics Noise-Lock® Acoustic Doorsets have been installed in thousands of projects globally over the last 70 years to help our clients with a wide range of noise control and soundproof door requirements.  

Across hundreds of industrial and commercials sectors we provide a guaranteed acoustic solution with a market leading high quality finish.  This is why we are trusted by so many companies, organisations and brands, large and small, to mitigate problematic noise levels.  

Some of our key clients include:


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