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Acoustic doors & windows

IAC Acoustics has pioneered the design and manufacture of high performing architectural acoustic doors and acoustic windows for over 60 years, installing over 1 million acoustic doorsets worldwide. That experience has enabled us to evolve our service, offering greater flexibility to meet our customer’s bespoke requirements.


Through innovation in our manufacturing processes, IAC Acoustics is now able to offer the best possible combination of value and performance, matched by a world-class lead time, enabling our customers to benefit from their products faster than ever before.


All IAC acoustic doors and acoustic windows are individually certified for peace of mind, whatever your requirements, we can help you contain or screen unwanted noise to suit your individual project.

Steel Acoustic Doors

IAC has a high-end acoustic range from Rw50dB to Rw 63dB with higher possible in a linked door format. We are also able to supply lower rated steel acoustic doors or fire-rated acoustic doors. Our single and double-leaf acoustic doorsets are the most efficient, easy to install ...

Super Noise-LockĀ® Acoustic Doors

Thousands of Super Noise-LockĀ® acoustic doors have been installed in industrial and commercial buildings throughout the world. Typical applications include hotels, theatres, film studios, nightclubs, data centres, museums, test cells, laboratories, plant rooms, and power stations.

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